Hi, I’m Dan Proudfoot

Front-end Web Developer,with a particular passion for JavaScript

Since gaining a degree in Digital Media from Bournemouth University, I’ve been working tirelessly on my front-end web dev and js skills – mostly producing content in the eLearning sector.

I’m always looking for new frontiers to expand my talents, however…

Front End Dev

Strong knowledge of semantic HTML5 and CSS. Happy to work on the fanciest responsive designs down to getting stuff to look good in IE8.

I have a very solid knowledge of tools like SASS - including working with various code maintenence styles such as BEM. I also have a few years experience with Wordpress.

JavaScript Dev

Multiple years experience working with JS, including libraries such as jQuery, Underscore and Knockout, as well as some time spent working with frameworks - such as React. I have a good grounding in writing backend code with Node, too.

I'm a massive fan of fiddling around with tooling and turning the production environment into a well oiled machine with tools such as Gulp.

Syndicate Mock-up

Syndicate was a little project I was working with some friends on. It didn’t go anywhere, but I’m quite proud of the quality of CSS and HTML I produced here.   See the code on Github…

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Digital Underground site

From 2015: The Digital Underground site is the site that advertises and promotes the DMD Grad Show, the exhibition a small group of people from my University course put on to celebrate our final year projects. It was a joint…

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Digital Underground Ticker

To finish up my time at Bournemouth University, our course is putting on a graduate show to display all of our final projects. We chose the theme "Digital Underground" and I have been making little digital trinkets to make the show more exciting.

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Working at Ascesis

I spent a good few months at Ascesis, learned a hell of a lot and produced some websites I can be pretty proud of.

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University Final Major Project: Doppler

From 2015: My final year project was definitely one of the most stressful projects of my life, but I'm super pleased with the outcome, and I'm still developing it. Doppler is a music streaming site with an emphasis on surround sound music

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Spinning Cube

A little project from 2015. My first attempt at going wild in SASS, to test how effective it was to generate tonnes of CSS. As such, this cube is made of 27 cubes totalling 162 divs, each styled programatically with SASS

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